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AutoPay - Fixed amount and frequency

Email Reminder - Reply to pay

One Off - You process each payment

With BatchPay, the customer gives authority to the merchant to process any payments due.

Provide your bank account number for the payment of BPAY fees.



PayTo - new, fast, secure way to pay by Direct Debit from your bank account
1. Complete this form.
2. Login to your bank's app/site to approve the PayTo agreement:
- You will see that the maximum transaction amount and frequency that your bank displays will be higher than what you may have inputted.
- The maximum amount and frequency displayed by your bank is solely to comply with banks' PayTo agreement set up rules.
- The transactions actually processed will only be for amounts that you/your merchant have initiated.
3. Once you approve your PayTo agreement, your PayTo transactions can commence.
Contact your bank if you need help approving PayTo agreements.


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